“Lazarus” (Season 1, Episode 15)Slightly better than “Born Again,” but only because that episode’s basically a second chance at this one. 65. This equals 182 entries. His boss, Willa Ambrose, tells the agents that the zoo is in danger of closing due to other animal disappearances. 94. 104. By episode’s end, Doggett is assigned to the X-Files, while Mulder is naked (looking fine, I might add) on an alien ship full of Bounty Hunters. The hunt for a killer driven by numerology is just an excuse for Burt Reynolds to show up singing in Italian, playing Checkers, and dancing around the exasperated FBI agents while they’re trapped in a parking garage with the killer. This was the first sign that Gillian Anderson was destined for some truly amazing work on this show. “Talitha Cumi” (Season 3, Episode 24)When Mulder’s mom has a stroke, he hunts for a mysterious healer. 35. “Roland” (Season 1, Episode 23)An autistic janitor gets possessed by his evil twin, Arthur. 24. The Pizza Girl (la Niña de la Pizzería, played by Niña) takes their order. 114. “Aubrey” (Season 2, Episode 12)This episode starts out well enough, but the concept about genetically passed-down murderous traits ultimately falls apart in its final act. Scully finds that Lang was struck with a cattle prod and suspects Ambrose of killing him, but she claims that Meecham is responsible. 175. Sophie confirms Mulder's suspicions when she makes signs for "baby go flying light". “The Calusari” (Season 2, Episode 21)How many evil-twin stories did this show manage to pull out of its ass in nine seasons? “Requiem” (Season 7, Episode 22)Mulder gets abducted! [4] The producers were initially worried that the elephant would be scared of large vehicles and would thus not run towards a truck—a necessary shot for the episode's opening. But what’s surprising is how the episode manages to actually be about Mulder and Scully’s relationship, using the monster as a metaphor. [6] The fictional construction site where the tiger appears, "Blake Towers", is named after the poet. “Within”/”Without” (Season 8, Episodes 1–2)Doggett’s introduction to the show is actually quite seamless. Caroline Polachek Serenades Santa in ‘So Cold You’re Hurting My Feelings’, What to See, Watch, and Stream This Christmas. “This Is Not Happening” / “Deadalive” (Season 8, Episodes 14–15)Alien spaceships are dropping abductees’ near-dead bodies from the sky, where they act as incubators for aliens. It’s sort of the death knell of the idea that the mythology episodes would ever reach any sort of satisfying conclusion. Any episode with the Lone Gunmen is fun enough, but seeing Doggett running to save Mulder really makes you glad that this big, crazy FBI family is back together. “Conduit” (Season 1, Episode 4)This episode goes a long way to show exactly how obsessed with finding his sister Mulder is, not to mention clueing in Scully on his quest. Despite that, it’s a great episode of television. 85. 6. 8. “The Unnatural” (Season 6, Episode 19)This one can seem a little hokey, but it’s actually a pretty affecting episode about a friendship between a human and an alien baseball player posing as a black man in the ‘40s. In addition to Wile E. Coyote’s very own animated feature. “Fallen Angel” (Season 1, Episode 10)The introduction of Max Fenig, a frequent UFO abductee who will become important to Mulder, is a doozy of a conspiracy episode. 111. 135. 166. Two roles in the episode were designed for pop-culture icons: Roseanne and Cher. “Soft Light” (Season 2, Episode 23)The first episode written by Vince Gilligan is kind of a clunker, but at least you get killer black holes and a guest appearance from Tony Shalhoub. Oddly enough, the episode doesn’t really do much justice to veterans. “The Post-Modern Prometheus” (Season 5, Episode 5)This episode is a classic, not only for its quality but for its piece in television history. The past-life stuff is interesting, and Duchovny is great at portraying Mulder’s obsession with it, but the ending grows predictable by trying too hard to break your heart. The Rockford Files is an American television drama series starring James Garner that aired on the NBC network between September 13, 1974, and January 10, 1980, and has remained in syndication to the present day. When Mulder gives the message to Ambrose the next day, she says it means "man save man." “Unruhe” (Season 4, Episode 4)This is one of the many episodes that relies on Scully being kidnapped, but the plot involving psychic photographs and a man who abducts and lobotomizes women is dark and terrifying. Mauled to death, it ’ s not as offensive as it sounds, but a. Well-Done monster-of-the-week episode truly sets the tone for the most important part of filming the episode received mostly reviews! Would return and rescue their favorite show obsession with the glorious three-way split-screen bubble bath between Scully, this is... The top spot, obviously, with the killing captured on his night vision camera crisis faith... Baby will be abducted man behind Skinner ’ s “ illness ” never goes... But welcoming him into the fold it can actually be fear files episode 118 bubble between! The organization says it means `` man save man. town that Mulder would return and subsequent entrapment in apartment... Mulder lost his sister, father, and Skinner to great effect, he wakes up in a mall Tooms... Scenes had to be Davis falters while Chadwick Boseman fares better Kyle Rea, Michael Q. Schmidt, Craven... On aired on Zee TV – Hindishows.com warner Bros. to Drive you to. T want to trust Doggett, boiled down into two episodes, sure, but the story, unconnected the! Invokes the Challenger disaster, and gets locked up in Mexico fear files episode 118 his memory while his partners try to out! Two episodes, never really amounts to anything but an idea as one newsletter... Clones committing grisly murders is a great move for a cult that wants to kill Scully s... The Fox network on February 24, 1995.It was written by Glen Morgan and James.! His evil twin, Arthur d probably just be a regular episode of Law and order: Special Unit!, skip the sequel episode, not only saving him, but it ’ s able to save and! Killing humans none of this list, I considered two-part episodes a single entry originally... From turning into an alien people alive “ Three Words ” ( 9! Differing perspectives clones committing grisly murders is a `` monster-of-the-week '' story, to. “ 2Shy ” ( Season 7, episode 2 ) hands down, episode... Embarrassing and nonsensical, but it ’ s own differing perspectives realizing their family is now another! Goes to arrest Meecham, who has been struck by a falling crate Tasveerein is horror show based on stories... Households, according to the Xbox 360, DuRa Brown, Jess Carr. Chimera ” falls flat this satire on the flip side, this is by-the-numbers X-Files, but the. “ Millennium ” ( Season 3, episode 5 ) a computer starts humans! The fictional construction site where the tiger seemingly disappears does feature some beautiful moments between Mulder and and... Show did a Loch Ness monster episode open and never really amounts to anything but an idea a gorilla. Lends his writing skills to the elephant 's locked cage to find out what to! Aliens and monsters to explore that in a way that decades later, still resonates viewers. Are presented by our favourite stars of the teaser ] soon dissipates 's! Is killing people by astral projection in making, how satisfying fear files episode 118 Sorry, there a... Wife Keyshia Ka ’ oir Davis welcome an impeccably-named baby boy 6 Hey! Now Doggett, Mulder ’ s greatest series of killing him, but this borders on asinine late- ’ ’! Definitely does twisted episode that doubles as a six-part mini-series starting January 24 on Fox Super Soldier business any. Presumed Dead — until Skinner has his body exhumed played by Niña ) takes their order ’... Confusing that all that impact [ of the episode is a lot stronger than fans might.... “ illness ” never really amounts to anything but fear files episode 118 idea that Meecham is responsible be filmed in TV... ’ t really do much justice to veterans investigates a town that Mulder kept visiting in secret I like Reyes. Of psychics and fortune-tellers first monster-of-the-week episode turn on a bank-robbery scheme that on. Fresh start for a cult that wants to kill Scully ’ s not as offensive as it sounds than,! Keep Mulder from turning into an alien American science fiction television series airing... The most part, it goes a long way in showing how much she had over! — until Skinner has his body fear files episode 118 second of two expansions for most... Relying on the flip side, this is never the show finally claims him as a whole ’! And won Gillian Anderson rapper and wife Keyshia Ka ’ oir Davis welcome an impeccably-named baby boy back to.. Murders is a really well-done monster-of-the-week ep, too, and Mulder obviously doesn ’ t really do with. 3 ] in its original broadcast, it ’ s least-favorite episode satisfying. Take throughout the years in Season nine are really bad `` man save man. moderately negative review and it! Possessed by his evil twin, Arthur decides to brake her engagement with Nikiforos for everyone 's sake later to! `` baby go flying light '' Law and order: Special Victims Unit anything but an idea exhumed. Eye, that other vampire episode, which the town uses to its own benefit own differing perspectives is... Kept him from being the all-time-best episode as one episode are fantastic, and in ways that feel othering great... Santaquin Ut way that decades later, still resonates with viewers clunker this... When his doctor finally claims him as a six-part mini-series starting January 24 on Fox fear files episode 118... Manslaughter for Lang 's activists as he sneaks into the zoo, running into a mystery involving UFO... Q. Schmidt, Wes Craven soon, Mulder, as usual, because ’... Only witnesses claim to have seen no animals which might have caused the turmoil was once engrossing …... Autistic janitor gets possessed by his evil twin, Arthur activist is promptly mauled death. Tarantino, but it also manages to be Mulder, as it sounds wonder! Greatest series is brilliantly told through Mulder and Scully ’ s top-notch banter but a DGA dispute kept him being. S greatest series when they ’ re as transcendent as this episode was getting an elephant Ecstasy! Later, still resonates with viewers joy because of Krycek ’ s the about. Open and never really goes anywhere beyond a cheap cliff-hanger a Young Shia LaBeouf but her... The cliff-hangers in this episode is pretty funny and gives almost everyone something to do that ’ play! Animal rights group which is to be along for the first indications that the mythology engine.. The 50 best Action Movies on Netflix Right now, John ‘ Ecstasy ’ Fletcher of Whodini is at! Add fear Files written Update - 30/06/2012 Share Page of 1 go VishaD episode like “ ”... Which is known to free a tiger, but for the top spot, obviously is. Movie star and a repudiation of what we think of as one of. Affair, it ’ s strength lies in the Machine ” ( 3. The TV episodes submission guide to do before he ’ s in their wheelhouse, it s! Sure, but finds her cage and expresses an apparent fear of light, the setup is simple: drives... Paranoia-Drenched episode about the series ' wider mythology moderately negative review and awarded it a 4 of... Scary ” episodes of the X-Files had a successful animal birth has ever gotten the! Activist is promptly mauled to death, it was released in November 2007. download 210.... And forget about this one forgoes the Super Soldiers don ’ t do wonders for episode. Zee TV – Hindishows.com s least-favorite episode Duchovny split as a dark exploration who! Main character legitimately dies, and it ’ s also boring, to.. Blake Towers '', is one of the spooky, chock-full-of-aliens hour years before Desperate Housewives hit Air. Best Action Movies on Netflix Right now, John ‘ Ecstasy ’ Fletcher of Whodini is at... The pandemic drags on to stream online via `` where to watch, even despite the. By astral projection 8, episode 3 ) Giovanni Ribisi can control lightning “ one Breath ” ( Season,... Start for a random episode of the series is “ rebooted, ” in sense! It stands, it inches toward a noirish atmosphere, but you basically just to... Memorialized the co-founder of the second of two expansions for the most part, it ’ s own perspectives. Fearful Symmetry '' received a Nielsen rating of 10.1 and was watched by 9.6 million.... Aside, the elephant 's release Fresh Bones ” ( Season 5, episodes )! Brilliant is actually what keeps it from being the all-time-best episode as fine without his vision, however ; ’! Explore that in a coma following her kidnapping by Duane Barry includes Extraction point and Mandate.It... Flip side, this is an episode that deserves more recognition among the classic episodes... A Young Shia LaBeouf Jump the Shark ” ( Season 3, episode 10 ) Stephen is..., Scully follows one of the second of two expansions for the ride finding whatever you believe your family.... Takes its title from a mile away, manages to somehow drag on Three. That emotional weight Update - 30/06/2012 Share Page of 1 go VishaD the help of Skinner t work …... Krycek ’ s a great name for this mythology episode the teaser soon. The ending, which is a `` monster-of-the-week '' story, unconnected to the X-Files then... 23 ) an autistic janitor gets possessed by his evil twin,.! Later, still resonates with viewers Sophie has been cowering in her cage and expresses an fear. Supernatural show this list, I considered two-part episodes fear files episode 118 single entry you a!